picture of chicken salad sandwiches, the most popular item at our sandwich shops in lawrencevilleIt’s no question that a chicken salad sandwich is a classic lunchtime staple at many sandwich shops in the Lawrenceville area. The fruity, crunchy, sweet, and creamy characteristics of this traditional sandwich have made it a top choice of many for years. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Lawrenceville (Sugarloaf), we know there’s not only one “right” way to enjoy chicken salad. That’s why our menu includes a variety of different takes on the classic chicken salad sandwich, giving you the opportunity to try our unique and innovative creations whenever you stop by our sandwich shop. Plus, many of these options are available as part of our catering service in Lawrenceville, Discovery Mills, Sugarloaf, and the surrounding communities. Read on to learn more about our new spin on this beloved sandwich.

Choose Your Chicken Salad in Lawrenceville

With so many chicken salad choices available at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Lawrenceville (Sugarloaf), you just might find a new go-to lunch at our sandwich shop:

  • Chicken Melt Wrap. This modern wrap has a savory touch thanks to melted cheddar cheese and hickory smoked bacon, offering an ideal counterpart to our chunky chicken salad.
  • Rhythm & Blues. Our homemade chicken salad is given some extra zip and zing thanks to the full-on flavor of freshly crumbled blue cheese and hickory smoked bacon.
  • Chicken Salad Platter. Who says you can’t enjoy our homemade chicken salad without bread? This platter includes extras like cheddar, egg, tomato, and Romaine lettuce to provide you with a satisfying meal, minus the carbs.
  • Chicken Salad & Apples. To create this innovative signature sandwich, we’ve paired our chicken salad with tangy blue cheese dressing, tart Granny Smith apples, and hickory smoked bacon to create a new lunchtime staple.
  • Curry Chicken Salad. Expand your horizons with the sweet and spicy seasonings that abound in this popular twist on the traditional favorite.
  • Chicken Milano. Try this delicious sandwich the next time you need a hot lunch. We couple chicken salad with mozzarella, cheddar, and roasted red peppers to create a delicious filling that’s completed by the addition of fresh basil and a warm Tandoori naan.

Experience our sandwich shop’s innovative menu today. Drop by Rising Roll Gourmet Café Lawrenceville (Sugarloaf), give our online ordering tool a go, or call (678) 847-6088 to hear more about our catering menu for events in Lawrenceville, Discovery Mills, Sugarloaf, and nearby towns.