Corporate Catering in Midtown Atlanta Means You Get The Whole Kit and Caboodle! 

With office events, there’s always the big question: what’s everyone going to eat? Great food can make your event a success, but it can also take time to plan. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we make it simple and fast to get delicious food for any event you’re planning. Based out of Regions Plaza, our corporate catering for Midtown Atlanta gives you everything you need to fill up your team: cheese platters, catered breakfasts, and hot lunches. 

Make Your Next Event in Midtown Atlanta A Success With Corporate Catering

Whether you have a board meeting or an office party on the horizon, our corporate catering services give you the chance to focus on the event, while we take care of preparing good food:  picture of wraps showing corporate catering in Midtown Atlanta

  • Freshly made with unique flavor. When you’re ordering for an office event, you want food that people will keep talking about afterwards. From piping hot entrees to crisp, cold salads, each of our menu offerings is made from scratch in our kitchen. We only use fresh ingredients full of flavor, for mouth-watering dishes that your team will love. 
  • Options for everyone. With dietary restrictions, allergies, and picky eaters, it can be tough to plan corporate catering options that satisfy everyone. That’s why our menu in Midtown Atlanta offers plenty of variety for you to choose from, with salads for health-conscious eaters, filling pastas for hungry staff, vegetarian and vegan options, and more. 
  • Easy to plan and customize. Our online catering menu makes it easy for you to quickly build a customized order for your whole office. Individualized offerings include add-ons and sides, while large platters can include special instructions. With the click of a button, your office’s catering will be taken care of by our team in Midtown Atlanta.  

Our Delicious Menu Options at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown

From frosted cinnamon rolls to freshly chopped harvest salads, get corporate catering whenever you need it in Midtown Atlanta:  

  • Breakfast. From hot coffee, fruit smoothies, delicious croissants, hearty bagels, and more, we can help your office start mornings the right way. 
  • Lunch and dinner. With salads, sandwiches, and hot entrees, we can take care of lunch, dinner, or special event catering. 
  • Snacks to go. Our platters of seasonal fruit, gooey pastries, and fresh-cut cheese are easy to snack on no matter what type of event you’re holding. 

Explore your corporate catering options in Midtown Atlanta. Browse our online ordering form or call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown at (404) 815-6787. 

The Best Chicken Salad in Midtown Atlanta Begins with the Freshest Ingredients

best chicken salad Midtown AtlantaWhen it comes to making the best chicken salad in Midtown Atlanta, we know that fresh, high-quality ingredients are crucial. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, located in the Regions Plaza building in Midtown Atlanta, we’ve made it a priority to work with ingredients that are fresh, never frozen. In addition, we choose steroid-free options that give our customers the natural flavor they’re looking for. Whether you’re interested in trying some of the best chicken salad around or want to place a catering order for an office meeting or other event in Midtown Atlanta, you can count on us to provide you with fresh lunchtime fare that’s sure to please.

How to Make the Best Chicken Salad: Start from Scratch

At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we make all our delectable selections from scratch right here in our Midtown Atlanta kitchen. The result is made-to-order sandwiches and platters that make it easy to eat fresh, homemade food even when you’re on the go.

Take, for example, our homemade chicken salad. We start by cooking fresh, never frozen chicken, allowing it to retain all of its juicy flavor. After cutting the meat into chunks, we add in all the extras from our famous recipe, including the classic seasoning that gives this favorite its traditional taste. However, we believe there are plenty of ways to freshen up lunch. In addition to using fresh ingredients, we’ve also created innovative recipes that allow you to enjoy new flavors and scrumptious experiences. From our Curry Chicken Salad to our Chicken Melt, we have some of the best chicken salad combinations around.

Freshening Up Midtown Atlanta’s Local Favorites

If you’re looking to branch out, our local favorites menu has plenty of fresh options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with our Durango Chicken or Club Turkey sandwiches. Or, if you’re looking for that trendy avocado taste, try our California Turkey sandwich, made with fresh avocado slices. For an office event that could use a little oomph or a convenient lunch for one, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on our local favorites menu.

Try some of the best chicken salad creations in Midtown Atlanta today by stopping by Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown in the Regions Plaza building. Or, you can submit an order online or give us a call at (404) 815-6787 for details about our catering options.

Sandwich Shops in Midtown Atlanta: Putting a New Spin on Chicken Salad

picture of chicken salad sandwiches, the most popular item at our sandwich shops in Midtown AtlantaIt’s easier than ever to enjoy a variety of chicken salad sandwiches in Midtown Atlanta thanks to our extensive menu at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, a sandwich shop located in the lobby of the Regions Plaza building. We know how much our customers love our homemade chicken salad, and we’ve kicked things up a notch by experimenting with new flavor twists and combinations. Read on to learn more about the many tasty chicken salad varieties you can try next time you stop by our cozy sandwich shop in Midtown Atlanta.

Our Midtown Atlanta Sandwich Shop’s Chicken Salad Variations

Give your taste buds a break from the same-old, same-old by trying one of our exciting chicken salad options. Here are just a few of the freshly made meals on our menu at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown that include our homemade chicken salad:

  • Chicken Melt. Cheese lovers will rave about this scrumptious sandwich filled with melted cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, and of course our homemade chicken salad.
  • Curry Chicken Salad. Spice it up by choosing our curry-flavored chicken salad sandwich, which has sweet and spicy notes that are perfect for those who are ready to change things up at lunchtime.
  • Chicken Salad & Apples. This sandwich offers new and unique flavor and texture combinations that just might make it your new lunch staple. We combine our fresh chicken salad with creamy blue cheese dressing, hickory smoked bacon, and crunchy Granny Smith apples to make this crowd pleaser.
  • Chicken Salad Platter. Looking to cut down on your starch intake this year? We make it easy to enjoy our homemade chicken salad without the bread when you order this classic platter, which is topped with egg and cheddar for extra flavor.
  • Chunky Chicken Salad Wrap. When you’re in the mood for a light and flavorful meal, you won’t go wrong by reaching for this delicious wrap filled with our famous chicken salad.
  • Chicken Milano. You’ll love how our homemade chicken salad pairs with mozzarella, cheddar, roasted red pepper, and fresh basil. Served on a Tandoori naan, this hot sandwich is not one to be missed.

Stop by our sandwich shop today to try one of our favorite chicken salad options. You can also place an order online or call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown at (404) 815-6787 to learn more about our catering service for events in the Midtown Atlanta area.

Office Catering in Midtown Atlanta: Build Morale with Regular Company Lunches

healthy wraps for office catering Midtown AtlantaWondering how you can boost morale at your office in Midtown Atlanta and encourage bonding between your team members? Regular team lunches are an excellent way to show your employees that you care about their well-being while giving them the opportunity to make connections with each other. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we offer convenient office catering services that make bringing in a fresh, delicious lunch a cinch. Whether your office is located in the Regions Plaza building or a neighboring area in Midtown Atlanta, you can count on us to arrive on time and with a smile to help ensure that all your team lunches are a success.

Benefits of Regular Team Lunches at Your Office in Midtown Atlanta

A recent survey from ZeroCater shows that offering shared food experiences for employees is one way that companies can boost employee satisfaction and promote a positive work environment. Here are just a few of the reasons that people appreciate regular team lunches:

  • Company lunches provide a much-needed opportunity for team building. Co-workers don’t always have the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level, and these bonds can come in handy when compromise and cooperation is needed at work. Show your team members that you value the building of strong relationships by providing them with the time and space to bond.
  • People are becoming more health-conscious. It’s not always easy to grab a nutritious meal on-the-go, so people appreciate when their employers make the effort to bring in healthy office catering. Our café in Midtown Atlanta offers plenty of nutritious, made-from-scratch menu items that are sure to be a hit among people who prioritize eating healthy foods.
  • Team lunches can make mealtime more enjoyable. “Sad desk lunches” shouldn’t be a thing at your office. Shared food experiences can make mealtime more positive and rejuvenating, allowing your employees to fuel their bodies and refresh their minds and encouraging productivity throughout the rest of the workday.

Experience the difference that regular team lunches can make for boosting morale and productivity at your office in the Midtown Atlanta area. Call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown today at (404) 815-6787 for details about our services, place an office catering order online, or stop by our café in Midtown Atlanta on your next lunch break to see what we’re all about.

2019’s Choice for a Healthy Lunch in Midtown Atlanta

veggie wrap for healthy lunch in midtown atlantaEating a healthy lunch doesn’t have to mean missing out on flavor. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we offer a variety of flavorful lunch options that can help you stick to a healthy diet in 2019. We make everything from scratch in our cozy café in Midtown Atlanta, GA, providing you with the fresh, flavorful meals you need to stay energized throughout the day. You’ll love our range of tasty picks, including wraps, sandwiches, salads, and soups. Plus, our catering service means you can have a healthy group lunch delivered straight to your office door in Regions Plaza or another part of Midtown Atlanta. Take a moment to look at some of our menu options below, and remember that healthy doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you order from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown.

A Healthy Lunch You Can Love

Get ready to enjoy eating healthy. When you order from our cozy café in Midtown Atlanta, you can finally make your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy at reality. Here are some of our crowd-pleasing favorites for a light and flavorful meal:

  • Wraps. When you choose one of our delicious wraps, you can cut down on excess carbohydrates without sacrificing flavor. We offer a variety of different wrap fillings, including our homemade chicken salad.
  • Garden salads. We make it easy to eat veggies with our tasty garden salads. Choose from our range of delicious flavor combinations, such as our Maui Salad, Harvest Salad, and Cobb Salad, which are all topped with a lean source of protein.
  • Pick-a-pair. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s also essential to a healthy diet! Pick two from our options of a cup of soup, ½ gourmet sandwich, and mini garden salad for a combination that’s both satisfying and energizing.

Do you feel like you never have time to make yourself a healthy breakfast? In addition to healthy lunches, we also offer healthy breakfast options. Stop by our café in Midtown Atlanta for a healthy, homemade meal to get your day started off on the right foot.

Enjoy eating healthy with Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown. Pop in our café in the Regions Plaza building of Midtown Atlanta for a healthy lunch, order online at, or call (404) 815-6787 to hear more about our catering service.

Office Catering in Midtown Atlanta: Try Something New

sandwich platters for office catering in midtown atlanta

Next time you have a group lunch at your office in Midtown Atlanta, try something new and exciting. With our office catering service at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, you can have our fresh, flavorful lunchtime fare delivered right to your office door with a smile, whether you’re based in the Regions Plaza building or another part of Midtown Atlanta. We know how important it is for your office lunch to go smoothly, and you can count on us to make the ordering process as quick and easy as possible. Keep reading to learn more about why your employees will love getting lunch from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown.

Fresh Office Catering in Midtown Atlanta

No one wants to sit through another re-heated lunch or feign enjoyment of a limp pizza. Give your employees a meal they can look forward to by ordering some of our homemade menu options. Our extensive lunch menu is sure to please any crowd, and we even have a large breakfast selection available, too. Are you trying to encourage a healthy lifestyle at your office? We have a ton of choices that fit the bill, from our light and flavorful wraps to our fresh, made-from-scratch salads. And for those occasions that require a little celebration, we can also provide delicious desserts that are made to be enjoyed with others.

If most of your office lunches turn into stressful events, then it’s time to give Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown a try. We take the stress out of office catering by making it a breeze to place your order, whether you prefer to do that online or by phone. Our aim is to provide you with the best customer service possible, both during the ordering process and when it’s time to deliver your meal to your office in Midtown Atlanta.

And since no meal is complete without the necessary utensils and condiments, you can count on us to ensure that you have everything you need to dig in. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we provide paper plates, serving and eating utensils, napkins, and tasty condiments like Hellman’s mayo and Gulden’s spicy brown mustard so that everyone can enjoy their meal just the way they like it.

Experience a fun and fresh office lunch when you order office catering from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown. Try our online ordering option or call (404) 815-6787 for details about our services for offices in Midtown Atlanta, including the Regions Plaza building.