Corporate Catering in Downtown Atlanta: Make Your Event A Success

When you have an office to run, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re feeding everyone. That’s where we can take over, with corporate catering from our culinary team at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Downtown Atlanta. Our mission is simple: to bring mouth-watering food to your office whenever you need it. With breakfast, lunch, and catering, we can help you make your next event a success. 

Easy Corporate Catering With Delicious Flavor

For offices in Downtown Atlanta, our corporate catering makes it easy to get great food at a great cost: picture of wraps showing corporate catering in Downtown Atlanta

  • Easy ordering. With our comprehensive online system, it’s simple for you and your team to choose your lunch for tomorrow. Customize your orders with extras, add-ons, and special instructions. 
  • Easy delivery. Late food orders leave everyone scrambling. With our corporate catering at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Downtown Atlanta, we always deliver fast and on-time, so you can kick off your event the right way. 
  • Easy cleanup. No one wants to get stuck loading the dishwasher at the end of lunchtime. That’s why we provide paper plates, utensils, and plenty of napkins, so cleanup is not a concern. 

Piping Hot Breakfast and Lunch Options in Downtown Atlanta

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your office, our corporate catering in Downtown Atlanta gives you lots of selection: 

  • Breakfast catering. A well-fed team is a productive, busy team. Our breakfast corporate catering options give your staff plenty to load up on during the early hours. From seasonal fruit platters to gooey breakfast pastries, buttery croissants, and delicious bagels, we have it all. Our beverage options include hot gourmet coffee, juices, bottled water, and canned drinks.
  • Delicious hot entrees. Whether you’re serving lunch or holding an evening event, our flavorful dishes include crowd-pleasers like our creamy pasta carbonara, herb-roasted potatoes, and our unforgettable mac and cheese. We have hot dishes for the vegetarians in the crowd, with plenty of variety to choose from. Our meals are made from scratch, fresh and hot from our Downtown Atlanta kitchen.  
  • Fresh salads and sandwiches. For board meetings and working lunches, our salad bowls and sandwich platters make a great feast. Gourmet sandwiches include pimento, cheese, and apple sandwiches and other tasty offerings. Our salads are tossed with fresh, crisp ingredients and come with homemade croutons for extra crunch. 

Find out how easy it is to get great corporate catering. Order online or call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Downtown Atlanta at (404) 524-1711, and we’ll help make your next event a success. 

Corporate Catering in Midtown Atlanta Means You Get The Whole Kit and Caboodle! 

With office events, there’s always the big question: what’s everyone going to eat? Great food can make your event a success, but it can also take time to plan. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we make it simple and fast to get delicious food for any event you’re planning. Based out of Regions Plaza, our corporate catering for Midtown Atlanta gives you everything you need to fill up your team: cheese platters, catered breakfasts, and hot lunches. 

Make Your Next Event in Midtown Atlanta A Success With Corporate Catering

Whether you have a board meeting or an office party on the horizon, our corporate catering services give you the chance to focus on the event, while we take care of preparing good food:  picture of wraps showing corporate catering in Midtown Atlanta

  • Freshly made with unique flavor. When you’re ordering for an office event, you want food that people will keep talking about afterwards. From piping hot entrees to crisp, cold salads, each of our menu offerings is made from scratch in our kitchen. We only use fresh ingredients full of flavor, for mouth-watering dishes that your team will love. 
  • Options for everyone. With dietary restrictions, allergies, and picky eaters, it can be tough to plan corporate catering options that satisfy everyone. That’s why our menu in Midtown Atlanta offers plenty of variety for you to choose from, with salads for health-conscious eaters, filling pastas for hungry staff, vegetarian and vegan options, and more. 
  • Easy to plan and customize. Our online catering menu makes it easy for you to quickly build a customized order for your whole office. Individualized offerings include add-ons and sides, while large platters can include special instructions. With the click of a button, your office’s catering will be taken care of by our team in Midtown Atlanta.  

Our Delicious Menu Options at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown

From frosted cinnamon rolls to freshly chopped harvest salads, get corporate catering whenever you need it in Midtown Atlanta:  

  • Breakfast. From hot coffee, fruit smoothies, delicious croissants, hearty bagels, and more, we can help your office start mornings the right way. 
  • Lunch and dinner. With salads, sandwiches, and hot entrees, we can take care of lunch, dinner, or special event catering. 
  • Snacks to go. Our platters of seasonal fruit, gooey pastries, and fresh-cut cheese are easy to snack on no matter what type of event you’re holding. 

Explore your corporate catering options in Midtown Atlanta. Browse our online ordering form or call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown at (404) 815-6787. 

Corporate Catering in Invesco Midtown: Great Food For Your Event

What’s an office event without great food? With Rising Roll Gourmet Café Invesco Midtown, you’ll never have to answer that question. Our corporate catering services bring gourmet lunches, desserts, and snacks to offices in Invesco Midtown and Peachtree Pointe. From our award-winning potato salad to our legendary warm apple bread pudding, we’ll have your staff and clients raving about the food for days to come. 

Easy Corporate Catering For Your Next Event in Invesco Midtown

When you have plenty on your plate, catering can feel like just another headache. We’ve streamlined corporate catering services in Invesco Midtown, so it’s easy and hassle-free for you to get exceptional food. In many cases, we can do last-minute orders with 24 hours notice or even less depending on what your event needs: picture of wraps showing corporate catering in Invesco Midtown

  • Simple ordering. If you don’t have time to plan a menu, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. With our corporate catering services from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Invesco Midtown, you can let us know your budget and other important details, and we’ll handle the rest. Our deliveries are always prompt, so you won’t be left worrying about late orders. 
  • Meals for every preference. When you have vegetarians, avid meat eaters, and dessert lovers on staff, it’s hard to know how to please everyone. Luckily, with our corporate catering services in Invesco Midtown, you don’t have to. We have options for everyone, with crisp salads, seasonal fruit platters, meat-loaded sandwiches, and more.
  • Hand-crafted and gourmet. Great food makes your staff happy and your events memorable. Each sandwich and salad on our menu is packed with unique and crowd-pleasing flavor. We make every item from scratch in our kitchen, for a freshness you can taste. 

Mouth-Watering Lunch Options in Invesco Midtown

Trying to decide what to order? Our catering menu provides plenty of options for your office, with savory sandwiches and delicious desserts: 

  • Sandwiches and wraps. From our chunky chicken salad sandwiches to turkey-bacon-avocado wraps, our great offerings come with classic and gourmet options. 
  • Fresh salads. Our salads in Invesco Midtown are made using fresh, flavor-filled produce. Options include our harvest salad, studded with mandarin oranges and crisp, green traditional salads. 
  • À la carte or platters. Our sandwiches, salads, and wraps can be purchased individually or in large portions for corporate catering in Invesco Midtown. Don’t forget our mouth-watering dessert platters! 

Get delicious, made-to-order food for your next event. Call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Invesco Midtown at (404) 228-6346, or take a look at our corporate catering menu online. 

Corporate Catering in Atlantic Station: Great Food For Your Next Event

Nothing brings people together like great food on the table. At Rising Roll Gourmet Cafe Atlantic Station, our corporate catering services bring freshly made sandwiches, salads, hot meals, snacks, and coffee right to your lunchroom. Whatever your office event is, we’ve got the right food for the occasion.

Mouth-Watering Food For Offices in Atlantic Station

For board meetings, office parties, and other events, you already have enough on your plate. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Atlantic Station, our corporate catering services mean more mouth-watering food with less stress for you: picture of rolls showing corporate catering Atlantic Station

  • Memorable food options. When you’re planning an event, you want people to love the food. That’s why we offer crowd pleasers like our famous potato salad, chicken salad sliders, and homemade mac and cheese. From fruit platters to creamy pastas, each of our dishes is carefully crafted from scratch in our Atlantic Station kitchen. We only use fresh ingredients for explosively good flavor you’ll remember.
  • Plenty of variety. It can be hard to cater when everyone’s got different top picks. Not with Rising Roll Gourmet Café Atlantic Station. With bright green salads, vegetarian pastas, meat-loaded sandwiches, and hot rolls right out of the oven, we have plenty of tasty options to satisfy all palates. Our online ordering form gives you the option to customize your order even further, if needed.
  • Designed to reduce stress. You don’t want to find yourself sweating over a late order or loading the dishwasher at the end of the night. Our corporate catering in Atlantic Station is purposely designed to minimize your stress with an easy online ordering system, an ace delivery team that’s always on time, and disposable plates, napkins, cutlery, and serving utensils packed with each order.

Corporate Catering Made Simple

For offices in Atlantic Station and the Wells Fargo Bank Building, you want corporate catering that gives you options for any event. Rising Roll Gourmet Cafe Atlantic Station can help you keep your team satisfied for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more:

  • Tasty breakfasts. Load up on energy early in the day with our melt-in-your-mouth croissants, bagel trays, and gourmet coffee.
  • Lunch or dinner. Whether you’re looking for healthy salads, sandwiches for working lunches, or hot savory meals, we’ve got you covered.
  • Snacks and fruit platters. With seasonal fruit trays, delicious cheese plates, and incredible cookie platters, your team can snack and work at the same time.

Take a look at our corporate catering options online, or get immediate help from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Atlantic Station at (404) 351-2881.

Corporate Catering in Dunwoody Means You Get The Whole Kit and Caboodle! 

If you’re in charge of corporate catering for your office in Dunwoody, you know how quickly it can become a headache. From picky eaters to dietary restrictions, it’s hard to get it all right on a simple budget.

That’s where Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody can help. We provide sandwiches, hot entrees, salads, and plenty more with our catering options. Using only fresh-made ingredients for unique, delicious dishes, we make it simple to order mouth-watering meals for the whole office.

Simple, On-Time, and Customizable Corporate Catering Options

At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody, we focus on the catering so you can take care of more pressing matters. Every dish is hand-made from scratch in our kitchen, from freshly tossed salads to sumptuous pastas. Our catering options are designed to minimize your stress:picture of rolls showing corporate catering in Dunwoody

  • Easy to customize. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody, we make complex orders easy, with our online ordering form. You can order big platters and single sandwiches at the same time, including special instructions if you need to.
  • Always on time. We make it seamless for you to get corporate catering. Our delivery team in Dunwoody is fast, efficient, and always punctual, arriving with steaming hot entrees or immaculate sandwich platters.
  • All the fixings. Our orders come with plates, cutlery, napkins, mayo, and mustard. It minimizes preparation beforehand and cleanup afterwards, so you can just focus on running the event.

Tasty Sandwich Platters and Hot Entrees in Dunwoody

Whether you have vegetarians, vegans, healthy eaters, hungry eaters, or protein-packing gym enthusiasts, our corporate catering in Dunwoody gives you tasty options to choose from:

  • Salads and sandwiches. For health-conscious events, we have sandwiches, wraps, and salads made with mouth-watering fresh ingredients. There’s something for everyone, from gourmet turkey sandwiches, tuna salad sliders, bright harvest salads with mandarin oranges, and much more. Don’t forget to order our award-winning potato salad!
  • Hot entrees specialties. Our hot and savory entrees come with stands and sternos, if you need them. A baked potato bar gives your guests a self-serve option to load up on sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese, and more. Creamy carbonaras and veggie primaveras arrive with steaming-hot rolls. Give us at least 24 hours notice, and we’ll have your event fully catered.

Place an order for tomorrow or next week in Dunwoody, Atlanta, Roswell, or Sandy Springs with our easy corporate catering form. You can also call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody at (770) 698-8000, and we’ll take it from there.