With office events, there’s always the big question: what’s everyone going to eat? Great food can make your event a success, but it can also take time to plan. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we make it simple and fast to get delicious food for any event you’re planning. Based out of Regions Plaza, our corporate catering for Midtown Atlanta gives you everything you need to fill up your team: cheese platters, catered breakfasts, and hot lunches. 

Make Your Next Event in Midtown Atlanta A Success With Corporate Catering

Whether you have a board meeting or an office party on the horizon, our corporate catering services give you the chance to focus on the event, while we take care of preparing good food:  picture of wraps showing corporate catering in Midtown Atlanta

  • Freshly made with unique flavor. When you’re ordering for an office event, you want food that people will keep talking about afterwards. From piping hot entrees to crisp, cold salads, each of our menu offerings is made from scratch in our kitchen. We only use fresh ingredients full of flavor, for mouth-watering dishes that your team will love. 
  • Options for everyone. With dietary restrictions, allergies, and picky eaters, it can be tough to plan corporate catering options that satisfy everyone. That’s why our menu in Midtown Atlanta offers plenty of variety for you to choose from, with salads for health-conscious eaters, filling pastas for hungry staff, vegetarian and vegan options, and more. 
  • Easy to plan and customize. Our online catering menu makes it easy for you to quickly build a customized order for your whole office. Individualized offerings include add-ons and sides, while large platters can include special instructions. With the click of a button, your office’s catering will be taken care of by our team in Midtown Atlanta.  

Our Delicious Menu Options at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown

From frosted cinnamon rolls to freshly chopped harvest salads, get corporate catering whenever you need it in Midtown Atlanta:  

  • Breakfast. From hot coffee, fruit smoothies, delicious croissants, hearty bagels, and more, we can help your office start mornings the right way. 
  • Lunch and dinner. With salads, sandwiches, and hot entrees, we can take care of lunch, dinner, or special event catering. 
  • Snacks to go. Our platters of seasonal fruit, gooey pastries, and fresh-cut cheese are easy to snack on no matter what type of event you’re holding. 

Explore your corporate catering options in Midtown Atlanta. Browse our online ordering form or call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown at (404) 815-6787.