2019’s Choice for a Healthy Lunch in Dunwoody

veggie wraps showing healthy lunch in dunwoddyDon’t send your office into a lunchtime slump by ordering a soggy pizza or fatty fried foods. Instead, choose a healthy lunch that’s been made from scratch. Not only will you feel good about providing your team with a light and flavorful meal when you order catering from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody, but you can be sure that they’ll feel good, too. Our range of healthy lunch options includes a variety of tasty flavor combinations that are sure to please a crowd. Whether your office is located in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Atlanta, or a neighboring area, choosing catering from our extensive menu of homemade options can help you feel good about starting the year off right.

Healthy Lunch Catering for Your Office in Dunwoody

A healthy lunch doesn’t have to be a hassle. With our catering services for the local area, you can have a satisfying meal delivered straight to your office door, along with all the fixings you need. You can count on our cheerful staff to arrive with a smile and assist with set up so your lunch gets started without a hitch.

Here’s what makes our meals the perfect combination of flavorful and healthy:

  • We make everything from scratch at our café. “Pre-made” and “packaged” simply aren’t part of our vocabulary. You can be confident you’ll receive meals made day-of with plenty of care and creativity when you order from us.
  • We only use fresh ingredients. Our ingredients are fresh and ready to eat, which makes a huge difference in flavor. You’ll know from the first bite that fresher truly is better.
  • We offer inventive flavor profiles. Our delicious flavor pairings keep your taste buds on their toes. We’re excited to provide you with creative combinations that ensure you and your officemates are always looking forward to lunch.
  • We promote variety. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s the spice of a healthy diet, too. You’ll love having the opportunity to try something new every time you order from our extensive menu of healthy lunch options.

If you want to make a habit of eating a healthy lunch in 2019, then Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody is just the spot for you. Stop by our café, place an order online at http://risingroll.com/dunwoody-ga/, or give us a call at (770) 698-8000 for details about our catering services in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Atlanta, and the surrounding GA communities.

2019’s Choice for a Healthy Lunch in Lawrenceville

wraps for healthy lunch in lawrencevilleIf this past year was filled with drive-thru lunches and pizza deliveries, then it’s time to commit to eating healthier in 2019. Fortunately, grabbing a healthy lunch is easier than ever at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Lawrenceville (Sugarloaf). Our lunch menu includes a range of healthy options to fuel your mind and body for the day. And if you want a healthy lunch for the whole office, our convenient catering service for Lawrenceville, Discovery Mills, Sugarloaf, and the neighboring areas can bring a light and flavorful meal directly to your door. Keep reading for details about some of our most popular healthy lunch selections.

Delicious and Healthy Lunch Items from Our Menu

We’re proud to offer a variety of homemade meals that fit into a healthy, balanced diet. Here’s just a sampling of the many fresh and flavorful lunch selections from our café’s extensive menu:

  • Tasty and satisfying wraps. If your goal is to eat fewer starches, then our wraps are a great way to ensure you’re getting all the flavor of our tasty sandwiches without the added carbohydrates. Whether you have a hankering for our Firecracker Roast Beef or Original Veggie, you’ll find that we have plenty of options to satisfy any craving.
  • Fresh and flavorful vegan items. Our vegan selections give you the opportunity to enjoy a light lunch that’s free of meat and dairy products. These items are full of flavor, thanks to innovative combinations and fresh ingredients like aromatic basil, crunchy pecans, and tangy Granny Smith apples.
  • Made-to-order garden salads. Our garden salads will turn you into a veggie lover in no time. Choose from creative flavor pairings like our Harvest Salad with turkey breast, craisins, pecans, and Mandarin oranges, or go with a classic Chef Salad for a protein-packed meal.
  • Perfect portion control with the pick-a-pair combo. Our pick-a-pair combo gives you just the right portions for a satisfying lunch. Choose two from the options of a cup of homemade soup, ½ a gourmet sandwich, or a mini garden salad.

Make good on your resolution to eat a healthier diet in 2019 when you drop by Rising Roll Gourmet Café Lawrenceville (Sugarloaf) during your next lunch break. You can also order a healthy lunch online at http://risingroll.com/lawrenceville-sugarloaf-ga/ or call (678) 847-6088 for more information about our catering services in Lawrenceville, Discovery Mills, Sugarloaf, and the surrounding GA communities.

2019’s Choice for a Healthy Lunch in Piedmont West

wraps for healthy lunch in piedmont westWith the New Year just starting, there’s never been a better time to make a commitment to eating healthier. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café, Atlanta (Piedmont West), we make it easy to grab a healthy lunch whenever you’re in the Piedmont West area. Our menu offers a range of exciting lunch options that will have you looking forward to eating healthy. We’ve committed to using only the freshest ingredients so that all our healthy lunch picks are packed with flavor. Read on for details about some of our most popular menu items for a healthy and convenient meal.

Select One of Our Many Healthy Lunch Options

Our extensive menu makes it a cinch to order a healthy lunch, and we offer a wide range of flavor combinations to satisfy any craving. Here are just a few of our delicious lunchtime offerings:

  • Our tasty wraps. Are you aiming to avoid eating excess carbohydrates this year? Our light and flavorful wraps can help you meet your goal. Choose one of our signature wraps, such as our Turkey-Bacon-Avocado wrap or make a signature sandwich into a wrap!
  • Our fresh garden salads. You can’t go wrong with one of our freshly prepared garden salads. Chock-full of veggies and tasty toppings, these salads make it easier than ever to eat healthily. If you’re looking for a salad that also includes a lean source of protein, give the Harvest Salad or Maui Salad a try.
  • Our pick-a-pair combo. Ensure that you’re eating a well-rounded meal with our pick-a-pair combo, which includes a selection of two from the options of a cup of soup, ½ gourmet sandwich, and mini garden salad. You can try a new combination every day to promote variety in your diet and keep your taste buds on their toes.
  • Our famous sandwiches. We may be most well-known for our sandwiches, many of which are healthy lunch options. Try the Original Veggie or Turkey & Pear with Goat Cheese for a light and flavorful meal that will taste good but won’t break the calorie bank.

Experience how delicious a healthy lunch can be when you order from our extensive menu at Rising Roll Gourmet Café, Atlanta (Piedmont West) in GA. Drop by our express store in the Piedmont West Hospital building or give us a call today at (404) 352-4232.

2019’s Choice for a Healthy Lunch in Invesco Midtown

wraps for healthy lunch in invesco midtownEating healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle. With healthy options from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Invesco Midtown, you can eat a light and flavorful lunch that’s been prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients and innovative recipes. Grab a healthy lunch from our unique café whenever you’re in the area, or order catering for your office meeting or group event in Invesco Midtown, Peachtree Pointe, or a nearby area. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Invesco Midtown, we know that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring, which is why our menu contains a variety of delicious wraps, salads, and sandwiches that can help you meet your goal of eating healthier in 2019. Keep reading to learn more about our popular options for a healthy lunch.

Making Your Lunch Healthy and Delicious

You don’t have to limit yourself when you choose to eat a better diet. Instead, you can open your horizons to fresher, more nutritious food that’s tastier than anything you’ll get from a drive-thru. When you try one of the following healthy lunch items from our extensive menu, you’ll experience for yourself how delicious healthy can be:

  • Our creative wraps. Cutting down on carbs doesn’t mean cutting down on flavor. Our wraps allow you to enjoy our tasty sandwich fillings without making your carb count skyrocket.
  • Our under 400 calorie menu. We’ve done the math for you so you can simply order and enjoy. Whether you go for our Hummus Veggie Sandwich or wrap with chicken and goat cheese, you’ll find that all the items on our under 400 calorie menu are both healthy and tasty.
  • Our fresh salads. With our range of salads, it’s easier than ever to meet your veggie quota for the day. Try the Harvest or Maui for a fresh, flavorful salad that’s topped with a source of lean protein.
  • Our superfood menu. Superfoods are packed with macro and micronutrients that help fuel your body and boost your health. Plus, they taste delicious. Our Acai Bowl and Avocado Toast are two nutrient-rich options that you can feel good about ordering.

Drop by Rising Roll Gourmet Café Invesco Midtown on your next lunch break, or order a healthy lunch for an event or office meeting in Invesco Midtown, Peachtree Pointe, or the surrounding GA communities. Give us a call today at (404) 228-6346 to hear more about our convenient catering services and menu options.

At Rising Roll Gourmet Café, we understand that just because things are slowing down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to your favorite breakfast, lunch, and catering options. We have taken extra precautions to ensure you stay healthy without having to sacrifice the quality ingredients you have grown to love. The below locations are open and ready to provide you and your team with takeout and catering options that everyone will enjoy. Call us now to place your order!
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