Gourmet Sandwich Favorites in Alpharetta

gourmet sandwichLooking for a lunch that’s sure to hit the spot? At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Alpharetta, our gourmet sandwiches are tried-and-true favorites that our regulars in the Alpharetta area come back to time after time. Whether you’re stopping by our cafe to grab lunch for one or need to place a large catering order for an event in Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming, or a neighboring community, our gourmet sandwiches are always a solid lunchtime pick. Keep reading for a peek at some of our most popular sandwich offerings in your neighborhood.

Alpharetta’s Local Favorites: Gourmet Sandwiches

You’re sure to find something for every mood when you view our range of gourmet sandwiches in Alpharetta. With tasty fillings like chicken salad, oven-roasted turkey, and hickory smoked bacon, you can’t go wrong with any of our lunchtime options. And since our sandwiches are made fresh from scratch with ingredients that are never frozen, you can enjoy a homemade lunch every time you stop by our café. Next time you’re in the area, consider trying something from our list of local favorites:

  • Rhythm & Blues. This savory gourmet sandwich from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Alpharetta includes hickory smoked bacon, our famous homemade chicken salad, and tangy crumbled blue cheese.
  • Egg Salad. Our classic egg salad sandwich is always super-fresh and satisfying.
  • Turkey Lurkey. Made with oven-roasted turkey, this hearty sandwich has a balanced flavor profile thanks to additions like provolone cheese, roasted reds, and spicy mustard.
  • Turkey Reuben. No gourmet sandwich menu in Alpharetta is complete without a version of the Reuben. We make ours with oven-roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut served on fresh marble rye bread.
  • Durango Chicken. Try something new when you go for this unique combination of avocado, grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese, and bacon.
  • Club Turkey. Not the same-old-same-old club. Made with fresh ingredients, our Club Turkey Sandwich is a standout.
  • Mad Italian. Pepperoni doesn’t just belong on pizza. Thrown together with salami, ham, provolone, and Italian dressing, this classic pizza topping makes for the ultimate sandwich.

Prefer a fresh, homemade lunch over the alternative? Head over to Rising Roll Gourmet Café Alpharetta for one of our gourmet sandwiches today. You can also place an order online or call (770) 752-8082 to learn more about our catering options for your event or meeting in Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming, or the surrounding areas.

Gourmet Sandwich Favorites in Dunwoody

gourmet sandwichWondering what your fellow Dunwoodians crave at lunchtime? At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody, we have several gourmet sandwiches on our menu that are a big hit with our regulars from Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Atlanta, and the neighboring communities. Since we always start with fresh, homemade ingredients and aren’t afraid to experiment with new and exciting flavor profiles, there’s something for everyone from our selection of gourmet sandwiches in Dunwoody. Keep reading to learn more about our bestselling lunchtime picks.

Dunwoody’s Local Favorites: Gourmet Sandwiches

Whether you’re looking for a classic lunchtime staple or are interested in trying something different, take a look at some of our most popular gourmet sandwiches from Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody:

  • Rhythm & Blues. This tangy take on the classic chicken salad sandwich includes blue cheese crumbles and hickory smoked bacon to up the ante on flavor.
  • Egg Salad Sandwich. You can’t go wrong with this nostalgic favorite. Our homemade egg salad is always freshly made and ready for you to enjoy.
  • Durango Chicken. Pepper jack cheese, slices of fresh avocado, and hickory smoked bacon make this chicken sandwich a standout. Topped with crunchy Romaine lettuce and juicy tomato for extra freshness.
  • Club Turkey. Our oven-roasted turkey pairs perfectly with smoky bacon and Provolone cheese in this club sandwich.
  • Pimento Cheese & Apple. Granny Smith apples add additional crunch and tang to this sandwich, made with homemade pimento cheese and hickory smoked bacon.
  • Turkey Lurkey. This oven-roasted turkey sandwich is filled with a medley of vegetables, including roasted red peppers and crunchy cucumber, along with spicy brown mustard, mayo, and Provolone for a unique flavor and texture combination that’s in perfect balance.
  • Ole Smokey. Looking for a hot lunch? Melted Swiss cheese makes this oven-roasted turkey and bacon sandwich a comforting and satisfying meal.
  • Ham Cheezer. Not just your basic ham-and-cheese, the Ham Cheezer is topped with spicy brown mustard, Romaine lettuce, and tomato to make this childhood favorite a little more grown-up.
  • California Turkey. Avocado lovers will come back to this provolone and turkey sandwich time and again for its West Coast flavors.

Our gourmet sandwiches are sure to impress at your next catered event in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Atlanta, or the surrounding areas. Call Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody at (770) 698-8000 for details about our catering services, order online, or drop by our café next time you’re in need of a freshly made, satisfying lunch.

Gourmet Sandwich Favorites in Midtown Atlanta

gourmet sandwichAt Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we prove that you don’t have to settle for a pre-made, heat lamp lunch. Treat yourself to a homemade, satisfying gourmet sandwich when you stop by our cozy café in Midtown Atlanta, conveniently located in the Regions Plaza building. Or, consider our catering options for your next event. Our list of local favorites is sure to please, whether you’re stopping by to refuel mid-day or planning a large lunch for an office meeting or social gathering. Read on for some of our most popular gourmet sandwich picks in Midtown Atlanta.

Our Most Popular Gourmet Sandwiches in Midtown Atlanta

Unsure which local favorite is going to become your next lunchtime staple? With our range of locally loved gourmet sandwiches at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, you can try something new every day. From oven-roasted turkey to hot corned beef, our sandwich fillings are always fresh, never frozen. There’s truly something for everyone on our local favorites list. Just take a look to see what’s waiting for you at our café in Midtown Atlanta:

  • California Turkey. Aiming for some West Coast flavor? Try this hearty sandwich filled with turkey, Provolone cheese, fresh slices of avocado, crisp romaine lettuce, juicy tomato, and a touch of mayonnaise.
  • Ham Cheezer. Up the ante on your basic ham-and-cheese with this gourmet sandwich. Paired with Swiss cheese and brown mustard for a satisfying lunchtime pick in Midtown Atlanta.
  • Egg Salad Sandwich. Craving the nostalgic taste of homemade egg salad? Our egg salad is made fresh in our café, meaning you can enjoy this creamy, filling classic anytime.
  • Traditional Reuben. This hot sandwich will fuel you for the rest of the day. Our hot corned beef is complemented by Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing. Served on our fresh marble rye bread, this sandwich is a go-to for the local crowd.
  • Durango Chicken. Our fresh, juicy chicken pairs perfectly with tasty avocado slices, picante pepper jack cheese, and smoky bacon.
  • Club Turkey. Looking for a classic club? Our Club Turkey sandwich combines hearty turkey with hickory smoked bacon, Provolone cheese, fresh romaine lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Stop by Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown in the Regions Plaza building to try one of our gourmet sandwiches today. Alternatively, you can place your order online or call (404) 815-6787 for details about our convenient catering services for parties of any size in the Midtown Atlanta area.

Gourmet Sandwich Favorites in Atlantic Station

gourmet sandwiches Looking for a fresh, homemade lunch near Atlantic Station, the Wells Fargo Bank building, or the surrounding areas? At Rising Roll Gourmet Cafe Atlantic Station, our gourmet sandwiches are the perfect pick for a satisfying lunch. Our regular customers return to our list of local favorites time and again. And with our range of lunchtime options, you can try something new every day. Whether you’re interested in lunch for one or want to place a catering order for a group large or small, you can count on us to make your lunch a special experience.

Our Local Favorites: Gourmet Sandwiches in Atlantic Station

Don’t settle for a heat-lamp lunch. Let mealtime be something for you to look forward to, fueling you for the rest of your busy day. Our location in the prestigious Wells Fargo Tower offers a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy a satisfying meal. Need lunch somewhere else? We cater for groups of any size in the Atlantic Station area.

At Roll Gourmet Café Downtown Atlanta, we take pride in building gourmet sandwiches that are sure to impress the toughest crowd. Here are a few of the flavor combinations that our local customers are constantly coming back to:

  • Ham Cheezer. Not your basic ham and cheese sandwich. We’ve upped the ante with super-fresh ingredients, including juicy ham and Swiss cheese.
  • Ranchero Wrap. This fresh chicken wrap contains black olives, tasty tomato, crisp Romaine lettuce, and creamy ranch dressing inside a sun-dried tomato tortilla.
  • Durango Chicken. You’ll love our juicy chicken paired with avocado, pepper jack cheese, and hickory smoked bacon in this flavorful sandwich.
  • Egg Salad. Our classic egg salad is freshly made at our cafe for a creamy, filling sandwich that always hits the spot.
  • California Turkey. Slices of fresh avocado and Provolone cheese add a distinctive West Coast flavor to this oven-roasted turkey sandwich.

Are you ready to try our gourmet sandwiches for yourself? Drop by our cozy café, conveniently located in the Wells Fargo Bank building. You can also place an order online or inquire about our catering services for Atlantic Station and the surrounding areas by calling Rising Roll Gourmet Cafe Atlantic Station at (404) 351-2881.

Choose Your Chicken Salad at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Lawrenceville (Sugarloaf)

chicken saladAt Rising Roll Gourmet Café Lawrenceville (Sugarloaf), we know that our customers are always looking for fresh, tasty lunchtime options to help them power through their day. That’s why we’ve decided to change things up a bit with our range of chicken salad sandwich variations. With all of the flavor of the classic lunchtime staple, these sandwiches are sure to keep your taste buds on their feet. Whether you’re dropping in for a convenient lunch or placing a catering order for an event in Lawrenceville, Sugarloaf, Discovery Mills, or the surrounding areas, check out our extensive menu to find your favorite chicken salad variation.

Our Chicken Salad Options

We don’t put limits on flavor, which is why we’ve upped the ante with these takes on the traditional chicken salad sandwich. With fresh ingredients and adventurous additions, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot. Here are just a few of our new lunchtime classics:

  • Chicken Melt. Enjoy our homemade chicken salad topped with cheddar cheese for a combination that’s bound to impress.
  • Rhythm & Blues. Crumbled blue cheese and hickory smoked bacon keep this sandwich bursting with flavor.
  • Chicken Salad Platter. Cutting down on your starch intake? You don’t have to miss your chicken salad fix thanks to this hearty platter.
  • Chicken Salad & Apples. With fresh additions like Granny Smith apples and a creamy blue cheese dressing, we bring the traditional sandwich to new heights in this modern update.
  • Chicken Milano. Fresh basil, cheddar, mozzarella, and a warm Tandoori naan make this the ultimate pick for those who are looking for a hot lunch.
  • Chunky Chicken Salad Wrap. Aiming for something lighter? Grab a freshly made wrap chock-full of your favorite lunchtime staple.
  • Curry Chicken Salad. For those who are interested in a sweet and spicy twist on the classic sandwich, give this curried version a try.
  • Chicken Melt Wrap. Containing all the savory ingredients of our Chicken Melt sandwich, this wrap is made with an Udi’s Gluten Free Tortilla.

Looking for a tasty, homemade lunch in the Lawrenceville area? Try one of our chicken salad variations today. Drop by Rising Roll Gourmet Café Lawrenceville (Sugarloaf) for a quick lunch you’re sure to love, order online, or call (678) 847-6088 for more information about our catering services in Lawrenceville, Sugarloaf, Discovery Mills, and the surrounding areas.