Choose Your Favorite Chicken Salad at Rising Roll Gourmet Cafe Atlantic Station

chicken saladNot sure what to have for lunch today? Need a catered meal that’s sure to please? At Rising Roll Gourmet Cafe Atlantic Station, we offer a wide range of lunchtime options, including our famous chicken salad sandwiches. Not content on settling with one version of this lunch favorite, our menu includes variations of the traditional sandwich that are packed with flavor thanks to super-fresh ingredients and made-from-scratch additions. On top of offering a convenient, homemade lunch in the Wells Fargo Tower, we can also provide delicious catering choices for groups of any size throughout the Atlantic Station area. Read on for details about our must-try sandwiches and find your new go-to lunch.

Our Range of Chicken Salad Options

Why settle on one “right” way to make a sandwich? With our range of variations on the classic, you’re sure to find the flavor profile that pleases your taste buds, whether you’re a cheese lover, in need of a hot lunch, or looking for lighter fare. Take a peek at a few of our customers’ favorites:

  • Chicken Melt. What happens when you combine cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, and homemade chicken salad? Magic.
  • Chicken Milano. A hot sandwich that’s full of flavor, the Chicken Milano is served on a Tandoori naan with fresh basil for a perfect finish.
  • Chunky Chicken Salad Wrap. Want a lighter version of your go-to lunch? Grab this satisfyingly fresh wrap.
  • Chicken Salad Platter. Even if you’re cutting down on your bread intake, you can still enjoy your favorite lunchtime staple thanks to this hearty platter, which includes cheddar cheese and eggs for an extra helping of flavor and protein.
  • Chicken Salad & Apples. Granny Smith apples give this sandwich full-on flavor and crunch, while blue cheese dressing provides a balanced tang.
  • Curry Chicken Salad. For more adventurous palettes, we have a sweet and spicy version of the standard classic that’s sure to please.
  • Chicken Melt Wrap. This gluten-reduced wrap contains all of the flavor of the Chicken Melt Sandwich without the bread.

Are you ready to give one of our chicken salad options a try? Drop by our Atlantic Station location in the Wells Fargo Bank Building, order online, or get in touch at (404) 351-2881 for more information about our professional catering services in the Atlantic Station area.

Chicken Salad Favorites in Midtown Atlanta

chicken saladAt Rising Roll Gourmet Café Midtown, we don’t settle on one chicken salad option for our customers in the Midtown Atlanta area near Regions Plaza. Our range of fresh, made-from-scratch salad, sandwich, and soup choices include several variations on the classic lunchtime staple that are sure to keep your taste buds on their feet. Whether you’re stopping by our Midtown Atlanta location for a convenient, homemade meal, or you need professional catering for your office lunch or another event, our chicken salad options are bound to be a hit.

Our Chicken Salad Standouts

Don’t be afraid to branch out from the original lunchtime classic. With so many takes on this traditional pick, you can enjoy a new version of your favorite sandwich every day of the week. Here are a few variations to try next time you take a lunch break in Midtown Atlanta or place a catering order:

  • Chicken Melt. Our cheesy chicken melt is one of our signature sandwiches for a reason. This sandwich, packed with homemade chicken salad, cheddar, and bacon, is a winner with our regulars in Downtown Atlanta.
  • Chicken Milano. Like the Chicken Melt, the Chicken Milano ups the ante with the addition of cheese. This hot sandwich includes mozzarella and cheddar as well as fresh basil for a real punch of flavor. Served on a warm Tandoori naan for a unique twist.
  • Chunky Chicken Salad Wrap. This signature wrap is a go-to option if you’re in need of a lighter version of the classic standard. You’ll get all the balanced flavors of your favorite lunchtime sandwich in a modern wrap.
  • Chicken Salad Platter. Skipping the bread today? With this platter, you can still get your flavor fix even if you’re reducing your starch intake. Plus, you’ll receive a helping of cheddar cheese and eggs for extra protein.
  • Chicken Salad & Apples. We make the traditional sandwich extra fresh with the addition of crispy Granny Smith apples and tangy blue cheese dressing.
  • Curry Chicken Salad. Adventurous taste buds that want to try something new will love the balance of this sweet and spicy option.
  • Chicken Melt Wrap. Made with an “Udi’s Gluten Free Tortilla,” this is a great choice for those who are watching their gluten consumption.

Get your chicken salad fix today. Head to our Midtown Atlanta location in Regions Plaza for lunch, order online, or call (404) 815-6787 to hear about our catering services.

Change Up Your Chicken Salad with Rising Roll Gourmet Café Alpharetta

chicken salad alpharetta optionsLooking for a made-from-scratch sandwich option for your lunch break or catered event in Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming, or a neighboring community? At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Alpharetta, we make our sandwiches from scratch every morning with super-fresh ingredients. Once you take a bite of our classic sandwiches, you’ll see why our customers have been coming back to this original location since 1997. Read on for details about some of our favorite chicken salad options.

Our Range of Chicken Salad Options

When it comes to a classic lunch, does it get better than chunky chicken salad?  This classic sandwich is a go-to for many people. However, there are many avenues to getting this sandwich “right.” Just take a look at our menu!

If you love the classic, don’t hesitate to change up your lunch order this season. With our variety of chicken salad sandwich styles, you can try something new whenever your taste buds are eager for an adventure. Here are some of our favorite twists on the famous sandwich:

  • Chicken Salad & Apples. This sandwich is one of our signature offerings thanks to its pairing of crunchy granny smith apples, bacon, and tangy blue cheese dressing. A fresh update on the classic, this crowd-pleaser may be your new staple.
  • Curry Chicken Salad. This sandwich is a sweet and spicy combo that packs in a punch of flavor while still retaining that perfect balance of crunch and creaminess.
  • Chicken Melt. Pairing cheddar cheese and bacon with our homemade chicken salad, this sandwich offers the best of two worlds.
  • Chicken Salad Sliders. Try your favorite in a new format. These fun sliders come in pairs, meaning you get double the joy of biting into our fresh baked yeast rolls.
  • Chunky Chicken Salad Wrap. If you want to go light on the bread without sacrificing that much-loved nostalgic flavor, go for this tasty wrap.
  • Chicken Melt Wrap. Our Chicken Melt Wrap is a lighter take on the Chicken Melt sandwich, forgoing bread for an Udi’s Gluten Free Tortilla.

For a chicken salad sandwich you’ll swoon over, check out Rising Roll Gourmet Café Alpharetta. Whether you’re running in for a quick lunch or placing a large catering order in Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming, or a nearby town, don’t hesitate to call us today at (770) 752-8082 or order online at

Our Chicken Salad Picks at Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody

A chicken salad sandwich is a classic lunchtime go-to. Not only is this option beloved by many and a great choice for catering, its fruity, tangy, and crunchy balance makes it both fresh and satisfying. At Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody, we don’t believe there’s one “right” way to do chicken salad. That’s why we offer numerous versions as part of our menu at our cozy Dunwoody location. Read on to learn more about the tasty variations you can try at your next catered event or office meeting in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Atlanta, or the neighboring communities.

The Chicken Salad Challenge: Updating an Old Favorite

With so many variations to choose from, you just might just happen upon a new lunchtime staple:

  • Chicken Melt. Cheese lovers will fall for this cheesy take on the classic sandwich. The flavor combination is perfected with just the right selection of cheddar cheese.
  • Chicken Milano. This hot sandwich is given a memorable twist thanks to two types of cheese and fresh basil. Served on a warm Tandoori naan for extra oomph, it’s sure to impress even the most stalwart of sandwich traditionalists.
  • Chunky Chicken Salad Wrap. For a lighter version of the standard classic, try this tasty wrap.
  • Rhythm & Blues. A Dunwoody favorite, this sandwich is packed with tangy crumbled blue cheese and hickory smoked bacon for the ultimate flavor combination.
  • Chicken Salad Platter. Even if you’re forgoing bread, you don’t have to do without your chicken salad fix thanks to this satisfying platter.
  • Chicken Salad & Apples. Granny Smith apples give this signature sandwich a fruity tang that is perfectly balanced by a helping of blue cheese dressing.
  • Curry Chicken Salad. This sandwich takes chicken salad to spicier realms, perfect for those with adventurous taste buds.
  • Chicken Melt Wrap. Our Chicken Melt Wrap, from our selection of gluten reduced wraps, is perfect for those keeping an eye on their gluten intake. Served on an “Udi’s Gluten Free Tortilla,” you’re sure to enjoy this lighter alternative to our cheesy Chicken Melt Sandwich.

Learn more about our fresh, made-from-scratch chicken salad options today. Stop by Rising Roll Gourmet Café Dunwoody, order online, or call (770) 698-8000 for details about our professional catering services for Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas.